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Product Detail

SMCE-2 RFID Label Data Personalization and Detection Machine


1. Data writing and encryption for High frequency/ultra-high frequency/NFC label detection RFID labels;

2. Good tension control and adjustable large/small label tension;

3. Technologically advanced rectifying structure, always online rectifying deviation;

4. Install high frequency and ultra-high frequency readers to facilitate the selection and detection of products with different frequencies;

5. The efficient structure of bad mark elimination is convenient and suitable for adjustment;

6. Stable replace RFID label structure, accurate position, small deviation range and small deviation;

7. Supplementary RFID label inspection and data writing to ensure the production label pass rate of 100%;

8. The volume can be cut according to the customer's requirements;

9. Working speed: no more than 5000 hours;

10. Operating software independently developed, easy to use, compatible with different chip manufacturers chip data writing function, with log and other data tracking query functions.

Control Mode

industrial control unit  Mitsubishi PLC
RFID Label Width20 to 260mm 
Tension controlMitsubishi servo system
UHF  readerUSA Impinj
Label positioningPanasonic color label sensor
High-frequency readerindependent research and development by ourselves
Capacityless than 5000pcs RFID per hour
Power sourceAC220V       50/60hz       10A        3KW







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