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SMCE-3 Card Data Issuing Machine


SMCE-3 Card Data Issuing Machine

Feeder + Contactless Smart Card Personalization + OCR verification + Magnetic Card Encoding + Rejection + Collection

1. Read UID as database for magnetic card encoding, write data and change keys for contactless smart card.
2. Read embossing numbers or read printed bar-code and QR code as database for magnetic card encoding.
3. Write Hi-Co and Lo-Co magnetic card.

Contactless Smart Card Personalization Module

1.Module frequency: 13.56MHz

2.Module communication protocol: ISO15693, 14443A/B

3.Capacity: 2000-9000cards per hour depends how much data for writing.

4.Software can set the module to read UID number in different ways(such as positive 10digits, negtive 10digits, WG26, WG34, ABA+WG26, positive 8digits, negative 8digits)

5.Processed chip type: S50, S70, Fudan brand, Kunrui brand.

6.Software and module can change the initial password for different sectors, write data or change data for all sectors can be done by one pass.

7.Contactless Smart Card personalization for each single sector writing can be 3 ways: decimalism, hexadecimal and ASCLL code.

8.Read and Write data can be saved by 7 converted methods.(such as positive 10digits, negtive 10digits, WG26, WG34, ABA+WG26, positive 8digits, negative 8digits)

9.Contactless Smart Card Personalization Module can work with Magnetic Card Encoding Module, ensure all the writing data are corresponding.

OCR Verifications

1.OCR module is used to identify all typeface of numbers, bar-code, QR code, Chinese / English /Russian / Ukrainian / Turkish / Mexican characters very well.

2.Identified data compare with database. Even there are more areas of data per card, we can edit our software for each items OCR compare database by one pass.

3.Identified data can be selected and optional for software to do contactless smart card perso or contact chip card perso or 

magnetic card encoding or all of them, ensure all the writing data are corresponding.

4.Equipped components: coaxial light source, CCD camera DALSA, camera lens 12mm and identification software.

5.Identification Speed 10000cards per hour.

Magnetic Card Encoding Module

1.Magnetic Stripe reactance: 300oe-2750oe.

2.Magnetic Card Writing Density: 210BPI, 75BPI/210BPI, 210BPI.

3.Capacity:5000-9000cards per hour depends how much data for writing

4.Encoding Tracks: 1/2/3 tracks, Hi-Co and Lo-Co, all setting can be adjusted by software.

5.Encoding Method: Write and Read two units modules, can do front or back sides magnetic card encoding.

6.Software can set for verifying the consistency with rejection of contactless smart card perso, magnetic card encoding, OCR 

identified data.

Rejection module
1. damaged antenna or chip of smart card, automatic transfer to rejection stacker.
2. bad embossing card and bad printing card, automatic transfer to rejection stacker.
3. damaged magnetic card and encoding failed card, transfer to rejection stacker.

Voltage:220V  50/60Hz


Air Supply:0.6KG/cm2    30L/Minute   no water

Capacity:2000-7000 cards per hour depends perso module quantity and how much data for perso

Control:Industrial Computer and PLC


Net Weight:150KGS




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