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SMDIM-SH3 Dual-Interface Card Super High Speed Glue Tape Sticking Machine

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SMDIM-SH3 Dual-Interface Card Super High Glue Tape Sticking Machine is used to stick adhesive tape on antenna embedded sheet during produce dual-interface card and contactless smart card inlay sheets.

1. full automatic load sheet for tape sticking and cutting tape, automatic collect finished sheet. Instead of traditionary manual processing by hand to stick tape, it's running fast and save labour.

2. Machine is controlled by PLC, big friendly human-machine interface for operation, all the parameters can be adjusted by touch screen, easy for operation.

3. Machine can be worked by manual feed sheet and automatic feed sheet, when automatic feeding, optical sensors automatic control.

4. Running is controlled by servo system, fast speed and high stability.

5. Automatic cut tapes one sheet by one sheet, working with optical sensors, the cutting knife is made of professional mold material, useful for long time.

6. Automatic collect the finished sheets by vacuum manipulator.


PLC + Touch Screen + Servo System


Adjustable by your sheet format

Voltage and Power

AC220V  50/60 Hz   2KW




20000cards per hour

Size and Weight

L2000*W680*H1350mm    300KGS

Number of Operator

1 worker




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