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SMDIM-H1 Dual-Interface Card High Speed Hole Punching Machine

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SMDIM-H1 Dual-Interface Card high capacity hole punching machine is used to punch holes on plastic sheet, the tin plate or copper plate will be placing into these holes for dual-interface card and contactless card production.

1.Machine is controlled by PLC and operation by touch screen.

2. Feeding sheet by servo system and automatic punch holes.

3. Machine works for MOA4 & MOA8.

4. Easy to adjust punching position for other formats.

Sheet Size

A3, A3+, A2 or other size in your order

Control Method

PLC, Touch Screen, Servo System

Working Efficiency

15000 cards per hour

Voltage Input

220V    50/60Hz      10A



Air Supply

0.6MPa      50Liter/minute

Servo Precision

X   and   Y    = 0.0125mm

Packing Size


Net/Gross Weight


Number of Operator

1 worker




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