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SMCPM-A3F Full Automatic Card Punching Machine


SMCPM-A3F Full Automatic Card Punching Machine, put some hundreds sheet on machine, servo motor automatic load the sheet into punching table by air tool, optical sensors automatic read the printing mark, servo motor automatic feed sheet for punching and collect the punched cards.

This machine has two card stackers, if one card stacker is full of cards, automatic collect cards into another card stacker, operator can take out the full card stacker and take out cards, fix back card stacker.


1.High sensitivity optical fiber sensor cooperating imported no-crevice built-in roller screw mandrel to feed material, the position parameter of the punching spot can be adjusted, with high precision.
2.Use the hydraulic punching head or servo motor system to be the punching motivity, with low noise and stable motivity, the pressure and punching speed can be adjusted as needed, when the punched cards with different thickness will have better effect.
3.Advanced card collecting system can send off the cards from different mould and collect the cards independently, there is no need to detach the punched cards, the cards are collected independently not to affect the punching speed, the machine can punch the cards quickly and reliably.(especially available for the material punched to tiers)
4.Controlled by PLC and running automatically, the machine will alarm and halt in case of errors.

Punching Materials PVC, PC, Teslin, ABS, PET, PETG, Paper, mixed plastic materials...... 
 Punching Sheet

 3*7, 3*8, 3*9, 3*10, 3*11, 3*12, 4*8, 4*9,  5*5, or other format

 5*11 poker 55cards format, 6*9 poker 54cards format, 7*8 poker 56cards format

 Voltage Input 380V   50/60Hz
 Power 8KW
 Air Supply 0.6MPa        6KG/cm2    no water
 Punching Thickness 0.1mm-1.2mm
 Punching Efficiency 20000-24000pcs card per hour
 Control Method PLC , Touch Screen, Servo Motor System
 Punching Precision 0.10mm
 Operator 1 person
 Dimension 3300mm*1230mm*1720mm
 Net/Gross Weight 1300KGS/1400KGS




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