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SMCWM-2 Full Automatic Ultrasonic Card Wrapping Machine


SMCWM-2 Full Automatic Ultrasonic Card Wrapping Machine is automatically controlled by PLC and operated on touch screen human-machine friendly interface. The continuous ultrasonic welding technology, continuous card feeding and film sending are adopted. Featuring fast speed, low noise, clear welded pattern and stable working.

Applicable to pack telecom mobile phone charge card in bulk.

SMCWM-2 Full Automatic Ultrasonic Card Wrapping Machine


1. Incorporating film sending, card sending,packing,material separating and material collection.

2. Packing film is conveyed by specially made rubber wheel,which is stable and flat.
3. Automatic testing for overlapped cards,no card or no film and the machine will halt in case of error.
4. Applicable for packing standard paper and PVC cards of over 0.25mm.
5. Applicable for various packing film with thickness over 0.025mm.
6. The second feeder can be installed to pack double cards or insert users manual in one bag.
7. Welding by ultrasonic technology and patterns are clear and elegant.
8. Single-card packing or multiple-card packing available and number of cards to be collected can be set.
9. Edge of packing bag is of personalized design and patterns can be designed by customers.Patterns of cards required by China Telecom,China Mobile,Unicom and Netcom can be packed.
10. Visual inspection system can be added as the request of customer, which inspecting accuracy of the series number and bar code of the cards.
11. Side sealed by three separately welding mould, changing of mould is easy.The size of the packing bag is adjustable.


 Packing Material BOPP etc. packing film
 Packing Material Specification

 BOPP film roll

 width after folding 120mm, inner diameter 3inches, outer diameter less than 450mm

 Film Thickness 0.025mm-0.035mm
 Control Method PLC, Touch Screen, Servo System
 Air Supply 0.6MPa        50Liter/minute
 Voltage Input 380V     50/60Hz
 Power 2.5KW
 Packing Efficiency maximum 30000pieces card per hour
 Packing Size 3500mm*1100mm*1860mm
 Net/Gross Weight 800KGS/900KGS





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