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SMCCM-4 Full Automatic Contact Smart Card Milling and Chip I



SMCCM-4 Full Automatic Contact Smart Card Milling and Chip Implanting and Testing Machine
It's full auto load cards one by one for milling, air vacuum dedusting, chip punching and implanting, hot laminatin, cold lamination, finished chip card testing.
1. Integrating with card milling, module testing, laminating, and module implanting.
2. Specialized fixture design for card centering system, protecting the milling depth from the influences of the card thickness and dimension.
3. Including four standard module milling programs fitting to different requirements with parameters modification conveniently.
4. X and Y the two separated milling stations can mill different profiles at the same time, or individually. It settles the difficult problem of adjusting the center place on two stations while milling
5. Z-Axis moving is realized through guide and ball screw driven by high precision servomotor, to provide the accurate milling depth. Special tool changing program make tool changing is fast and convenient.
6. Depth detection device ensures the eligible rate during milling by rejecting faulty cards.
7. Film loading is controlled by serve motor with sensor detection. Faulty module can be distinguished automatically.
8. Special design and several press heats make a better lamination effort with fewer bubbles. It is easy to change hot press heats.
9. Servo motor working with high precision guider and lead screw makes module transfer more stable and reliable. Module transfer position can be changed easily.
10. Special design for hot press station makes sure module sticking to plastic card tightly. It is convenient to change the hot pressers.
11. Cards transferred through belt driven by servomotor ensure the safety and stability of the machine.
12. Personalized software design. Machine can be empty automatically and sample cards freely.
13. ATR test system is used to monitor production. 
14. Special feeding design avoids unloading double cards caused by static electricity.

Card Size85.6mm*54mm   4in1 / 2in1 / 1in1
Card Thicnessover 0.76mm
Control MethodPLC, Touch Screen, Computer, Servo System
Voltage Input380V     50/60Hz
Air Supply0.6MPa       120Liter/minute
Servo PrecisionX   and   Y     = 0.0125mm
Working Efficiency2500-3000pcs card per hour
Packing Size2300mm*880mm*1900mm
Net/Gross Weight850KGS/950KGS




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