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SMCLM-5B RFID Contactless Smart Card Laminator


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SMCLM-5B RFID Contactless Smart Card Lamination Machine is the high efficiency equipment was made for professional  manufacturer to produce IC card, ID card and inlays.It is low wastage rate, easy to operate effectively.As the professional plastic laminator machine it also can satisfy the PVC card company and PVC card factory enough to produce the second Chinese generation Identification cards and good quality certificate cards, banking cards,one card solution for bus ,high way,social insurance card and so on. It with simple man-machine screen,easy to operate,with Italy international standard oil cylinder,balance pressure,low noise and small vibration. Heating lamination plates are made of professional heating press plate mateiral, keep it never distortion.It is suitable for laminating and processing all kinds of plastic cards (special for contactless IC card laminating and processing). Precision  producing, whole sealed and beautiful outlook, SMCLM-5B RFID Contactless Smart Card Lamination Machine is the best choice for the standard workshop.

SMCLM-5B RFID Contactless Smart Card Lamination Machine

New function: installed temperature checking monitor system and pressure checking monitor system, automatic adjust temperature and pressure. It's improved by our SMCLM-5A because of European customers safety request, if door open, oil hydraulic system automatic off.

Lamination Area   usual 350*520mm or 420*520mm or any other size in your order
Lamination Opening   5 openings for heating,  5 openings for cooling
Pressure Method   oil hydraulic pressure system, 2units pressure module
Control Method   PLC and Touch Screen
Pressure Range   0-16MPa ± 0.1MPa     0-63Tons
Temperature Range   room temperature to 400 centigrade
Heating Method

   electric power (imported heating elements)

   6units temperature module

   installed proportion integration differentiation program

Cooling Method   automatic chiller inside machine ( environmental protection )
Working Efficiency   7500 cards per hour
Input Voltage   380V or 220V    50/60Hz
Power   25KW
Power consumption   2-4KW per hour
Dimension   2200mm*1050mm*2000mm
Net/Gross Weight   2800KGS/3050KGS




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